• The First Rule Collective is the group responsible for many of the awesome street jams you may have seen going down throughout the US the past several years. You may recognize them for some of there most notable events like, Hell on Wheels, Scrape the Town, Ride SFO Bike Expo, and the S&M/Fit customer appreciation jams. This past weekend a midst our Stomping Ground coverage, was the annual S&M/Fit customer appreciation street jam and it was a huge success. Chris McMahon was on hand to cover it and came back with some great clips. Here’s what he had to say about it too.

    "Last Sunday, the First Rule Collective brought this year’s S&M/Fit Customer Appreciation Party to the streets of Oakland, Ca. A couple hundred riders from around the state showed up, riding around West Oakland for a few hours before settling down for dinner and beverages, a flatland demo, and premieres of S&M’s, "Blind in Texas" and Fit’s, "Trippin’" videos at the Oakland Metro Opera House. Chris SavoyDavid SeaborneAndrew LangKurt Russell, and C.J. Arnoldcame through with some of the biggest moves of the day, including a crankflip and whip over a long loading dock-to-driveway gap by Chris and C.J, respectively.

    A big thanks goes out to Chris Moeller and Adam Zapata at S&M and Fit, everyone at the First Rule Collective, and the Oakland Metro Opera House for making this happen. Also, props to the Oakland Police Department for being chill with it and not shutting the event down.” -Chris McMahon

  • A few pictures from First Rule’s event in Khon Kaen Thailand. I had a blast and make sure to check out the video below. Last picture was taken on new years in Chiang Mai. A great way to end the trip! 

    Number 4 from firstrule on Vimeo.

  • Kwelis little girl. 

    Kwelis little girl. 

  • Koit representing in Long Beach, CA. Seen on Ride BMX

  • more hella old hell on wheels photos!  one with 2 LEGENDS!


  • midway thru hell on wheels goin to get the goods!

    midway thru hell on wheels goin to get the goods!

  • This video was made my Joe Rich and Reuben on a trip they did from Spain to Prauge. I love this video because it really captures the feeling they had on their trip. To me this is what BMX is really about.

  • This is too good to not post. United has been a huge supporter of First Rule. Check out the video.

  • Andy Maguire loves BMX and so do we